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Stickleback Gallery
Robert “Dutch” Schultz (was EN2(SS) on Sabalo at the time) submits photos and his memory of the futile attempts to save Stickleback from sinking...

 “The story as I remember it: We were on daily operations out of Pearl when the word came over the Stickleback was rammed by a destroyer.... As far as I can remember it seems the Stickleback surfaced directly in front of the destroyer and was hit in the Forward Battery area."

"I'm testing memory here and perhaps someone out there can clean up the facts. A chief on watch in the control room of the Stickleback said they had a problem in maneuvering and lost control. They were slipping backwards [and nearing] test depth and made an emergency surface. Unfortunately they came up directly in front of the destroyer, and [neither] could avoid the collision. Again this is as I remember and I'm sure others can add to the story.”

approach to the Stickleback tied to the destroyer
working to get alongside
shot as we approach
Erix Santana, EN3(SS), on the bow.  preparing to send hose over for pumping.
Note Stickleback sailors around After Battery hatch and on the bridge
On the left are Sabalo sailors; In the middle Stickleback sailors and the destroyer
  and crew as a backdrop
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