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Edition 2 - September 2020
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 Dear Friends,
We welcome you to our newsletter devoted to the Lost 52 Project. Our non-profit Ocean Outreach is launching this quarterly newsletter in part to help us keep supporters, like you, informed and updated on our work. In each issue, we will include news, images, and video links along with a short article giving some background on our discoveries.
It is our hope that you will share our subscription page with others and help us tell these brave men’s stories on the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII.
As you know, our underwater archeological projects document and preserve the story of the Lost 52 WWII Submarines. Ocean Outreach is proud to help continue telling these stories, leave a foundation of knowledge for future generations, and bring closure to the families of our war heroes.
We thank you for your interest and support as we prepare to celebrate the incredible impact our project has made over its 10-year history. The best way to help us continue this work is to donate to our outreach project. This will allow us to carry on processing the large amounts of data necessary to bring the Lost 52 stories to the public through our educational programs and outreach.
Thank you for your support. You can always stay informed about our work between emails by going to our websites www.lost52project.org or www.oceanoutreach.org.  

 Warmest regards,

Tim Taylor
Founder, Ocean Outreach/Lost 52 Project
            Family Matters
by Christine Dennison
John Steinbeck wrote, “You can only understand people if you feel them in yourself”.  
If you have ever experienced the loss of a loved one, you understand the painful process of grief and recovery, however when you have no closure the pain remains a constant ache which permeates throughout your life.

The men who went to war left behind lives which were just beginning, lives with young children, mothers and wives who prayed for their safe return.

It was a time in history we should never wish to repeat and with every day that passes we are losing our beloved WW2 veterans who should be celebrated and honored for their service and their sacrifices.

My personal experiences working with the families of these great men has yielded a new understanding of love and resilience.   Countless family members have lived their entire lives with cherished memories of their fathers, uncles, brothers and husbands, not knowing where they are yet accepting that they gave their life for their country and freedom. These men are heroes but so too are their families.  

It has been my honor to work with family members throughout the past 10 years and I am amazed by their strength, kindness, humility and grace. They have invited me into their homes, shared photographs, stories and personal mementos.  We have cried together, hugged and laughed whilst reliving the memories they hold so dear. In all honesty my visits and meetings with family are emotionally difficult, it’s impossible not to feel their grief and trauma of their loss even after 75 years, the heart never forgets.  I come to feel as if I knew these men too after viewing photos of their handsome faces,  hearing about their personalities, music they loved, sports they played, people they loved. I walk away with bittersweet emotions of lives lost far too young.

We should remember our veterans, help to keep their memory alive and keep their families close.  

As we are in the 75th anniversary of WW2 and have just passed July 4th holiday it is a difficult time for many who cannot gather together.  VJ Day is fast approaching on September 2, 2020, and with current social distancing parameters in place we should not be deterred from taking a moment ,wherever we find ourselves, to remember those we have lost and the importance of teaching our younger generations about our WW2 Heroes and what they stand for.

The Lost 52 Project is dedicated to helping bring closure to the families of the lost submariners of WW2 by providing information on discoveries made, research data and connecting family members.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe summer,



Surviving Yeoman Robert England from the USS R12 tells the tale of how the crew brought in their Canadian Club from the islands.
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Pender County North Carolina WECT6
USS Grayback receives millions of views around the world. 

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Thank you to all for your continued support especially in these troubled times we all find ourselves in. We would not be able to do this without your continued support.
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