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Tim Taylor is an accomplished ocean explorer and entrepreneur and currently the Founder and CEO of Tiburon Subsea. He has spent over thirty years working in the marine industry with innovative diving technologies and leading underwater expeditions. His work with the scientific, archaeological and oceanographic fields has yielded his discovery of numerous reefs, including Sherwood Forest Reef, considered the centerpiece of the Tortugas Ecological Reserve, Pulley Ridge, the deepest hermatypic coral reef in the world, numerous shark research projects, supported underwater archeological discoveries in Cuba as well as hosted numerous cross-disciplined National Geographic expeditions

Tim created and led the team to map 2400 square miles of remote (200 miles offshore) ocean bottom at 1500 meters utilizing state of the art Bluefin 12D AUV system working from his US Coast Guard certified research vessel Tiburon. His most recent accomplishments include the discovery, exploration, and documentation of the WWI submarine USS R-12 that was lost in WWII in 600 feet of water entombing 42 sailors, the USS S-26 off of the Pacific coast of Panama, the deepwater discovery of the USS S-28 off of Oahu Hawaii, the USS Grunions bow 827m deep in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska and the USS Grayback offshore Okinawa Japan in 2019.

For his discovery and exploration of the USS R-12 with two Brazilian officers entombed, he has been awarded the Brazilian Navy League's Medal of Honor. As owner and Captain of his Research Vessel (RV Tiburon) for 25 years, Tim worked for hand in hand with noted biology, geology, ichthyology, archaeology, environmental and climate change experts. Included in this list are Dr. Sylvia Earle, Dr. Eugenie Clark, Frank Goddio, Dr. Sue Hendrickson, Wes Skiles, Philipe Cousteau, University of Miami, Mote Marine Lab, Scripps Marine Institute, European Institute of Archaeology, University of Havana Cuba, Cuba's Carisub, NOAA, EPA, BEA and US Navy.

Tim is a Fellow in the Royal Geographical Society, United Kingdom's learned society and professional body for geography founded in 1830, and was inducted as Fellow of the Explorers Club in 2004, and in 2008 he was the 40th person in the club's 104-year history to receive its prestigious Citation Of Merit award in recognition of his explorations. He is the recipient of the Brazilian Navy Honorary Submariner Medal and the Brazilian Navy League Medal of Honor for his work with the USS R-12. Tim has been profiled in the London Financial Times, The New York Times, Bloomberg News and appears regularly on FOX, CNBC, BBC, CBC and CNN as ocean technology and robotics expert. He has been profiled in the London Financial Times, The New York Times, Bloomberg News and appears regularly on FOX, CNBC, BBC. He is an on-air expert for CNN, BBC, CBC, FOX, MSNBC and CCTV for ocean search, exploration, diving operations, sciences, ocean environmental issues, climate change, conservation, and advanced underwater robotics. He currently is CEO and President of Tiburon Subsea Services, based in New York City, specializing in underwater autonomous robotic operations.​

Our team of explorers are dedicated to preserving and telling the story of WWII Submarines and Submariners. Our quest is to provide the fullest possible accounting of our missing WWII Navy Sailors for their families and the nation.
 STEP Ventures, LLC

​Andy Taylor is a retired US Air Force Lt Colonel with over 28 years of experience in military operations and logistics, training development and execution, contract management, budget analysis, information, video technologies and simulator management. Andy is a combat decorated veteran, having flown combat missions in Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, as well as Noble Eagle Combat Air Patrol missions over Washington, DC and New York City. Throughout his career he was extensively involved in military training operations and development, operational deployments of aircraft and equipment to remote locations, and logistical standup and technical support of field level operations. Andy’s post military career has continued to build upon his military experience. As a contractor in the defense industry, he has been involved in the budgeting, contracting, acquiring, testing, integration and fielding of advanced equipment for multiple combat aircraft, including airborne Targeting Pods. He served as Information Technical Lead and managed the logistics and planning of launching, recovering and analysis of sonar operations for the AUV systems operation development team that was responsible for mapping 1800 square miles of ocean bottom in over 1500 meter. Andy comes to us from Infinite Technologies where as a Senior Program Manager and Training Consultant he was involved in software development, training and operational use of software designed for the Air Force, supporting over 3000 users, in managing sustainment requirements for all Air Force weapons systems totaling more than 18 Billion dollars a year. He has been instrumental in the standardization and development of over 75 courses supporting software processes and functionality using industry tools. Andy’s extensive experience dealing with training, logistics and operations brings to the team proven leadership for our world-wide operations and training development.
Christine Dennison  is the Co-founder and President of Mad Dog Expeditions an internationally recognized technical scuba diving, adventure and exploration company based in New York City. She brings years of experience working with an international clientele and media combined with successful marketing and branding of her boutique company to Tiburon Subsea. Christine worked with Casio G-Shock Japan on two watch campaigns one of which produced a limited edition Mad Dog Expeditions watch sold internationally. She has a network of clients and colleagues, which will be instrumental in helping us maximize our products and services through media exposure. Christine has worked on several expeditions using underwater robotics and is very familiar with the industry and trade. She was inducted as a Fellow of the Explorers Club and the Royal Geographical Society and supports marine and wildlife conservation issues through non-profit work. . For her roll in the discovery and exploration of the USS R-12, with two Brazilian officers entombed, she has been awarded the Brazilian Navy League’s Medal of Honor. She appears regularly on CNN FOX, CNBC, BBC, SKY and CBC as an ocean technology, logistics and expeditions expert and is currently working on an upcoming North Pole Expedition and she is a native New Yorker.

Robert "RB" Havens  has 25 years of engineering experience in marine and industrial environments ranging from manufacturing machinery and control systems to state of the art marine robotics. With a resume that includes US Navy electrical engineer, maintenance/physical plant manager of a waste to energy power plant, Robert has a diverse background that has allowed him to become proficient in multiple engineering disciplines including steam generated power systems, hydraulic controls, marine and industrial electrical power generation and distribution systems, ship propulsion systems, ship navigation systems, ship satellite systems and fully integrated computer control systems. Over the last three years Robert has logged thousands of hours as the lead operator/maintenance technician for a benthic mapping project utilizing a Bluefin 12D AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle). The 1,500m rated INS (Inertial Navigation System) equipped 12D carried duel frequency side scan sonar and photo mapping payloads operating at an average depth of 1,200 to 1500 meters deep.
Mr. Yutaka Iwasaki is a naval architect, system engineer, and historian researching US submarine operations in WWII against the Japanese merchant marine and Imperial Japanese Navy. He is a Japanese Navy expert, especially CV Shinano. Yutaka Iwasaki is a Japanese Naval Advisor, Historian, and Translator. He graduated from the Osaka University with a master's degree in 1981. He spent 8 years at the KURE shipyard the very same yard that the battle ship YAMATO was built.

He was a contributor to the expedition that search for the battleship YAMATO 1999. He provided map and modeling services derived from data collected on prior explorations. His prediction of the probable hull condition of the YAMATO was that she would be completely broken in two or possibly three sections. TAMIYA Inc. made  diorama representing the discovery that is on display at the Kure YAMATO Museum. This expedition was sponsored by TV media, 'TV ASAHI

He was a major contributor to the successful USS Grunion (SS-216) Expedition mounted by John, Bruce and Brade Abele, the sons of the commanding officer Lieutenant Commander Mannert L. Abele, offshore Kiska, Alaska. He also contributed to Paul Allen expedition to locate the Japanese Battleship Musashi in 2011 and again 2015. He provided valuable Japanese resources and advice as part of the search team. In 2016 Yutaka contributed to the documentary about Battleship Musashi produces by Paul Allen and Vulcan Productions.
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