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​Our team of explorers are dedicated to preserving and telling the story of WWII Submarines and Submariners. Our Quest is to provide the fullest possible accounting of our missing WWII Navy Sailors for their families and the nation.

As told in the 1975 book by Clay Blair Jr. titled “Silent Service” there was a war-within-a-war that was by its very nature top secret. From the day Pearl Harbor was attached until the end of the war in 1945 a campaign that will never be repeated, was taking place. A small volunteer group of specially trained sailors, or as they are preferred to be call submariners, took a small force of boats (not Ships) on around 1600 war patrols that resulted in the sinking of 1,000 Japanese merchant ships and significant portion of the Japanese Navy. Their efforts succeed in choking off the supply lines and commerce of Japan and according to many experts advanced the winning of the Pacific campaign by years.

Casualty rates were high for submariners. One in four would not make it home. This was understood when volunteering. The training was all encompassing. The submariner from Captain to Cook was trained in every aspect of the ship. In fact, most often the crew were assigned to their ship while it was being constructed in the boat yard so they would know every detail of construction from the inside out.

A total of 52 U.S. Submarines were lost in WWII with 374 officers and 3131 men of the Submarine Force who gave their lives in the winning of this war. It is said they are on Eternal Patrol. To date there have been eight of these “Lost 52” that have been found. Join us as we remember the "Lost 52" US Submarines from WWII. Todays technology is opening up more and more of the underwater world. In the coming years we believe that will change.

Total Lost Sailors = 3505

 Found = 497  -  14%