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Lost 52 Project
Honoring the men their memory and their mission...
Our mission objective is to provide the fullest possible documentation and accounting of these locations for our missing WWII Navy Sailors, their families and the nation. Our mission goes beyond discovery and exploration and includes site surveys, developing complete database on each submarine, enabling community outreach and build education components that will stand the test of time. This includes collecting and preserving memorabilia, artifacts, scanned correspondence, official documentation, oral histories, films and photos that are shared by family members. A total of 52 U.S. Submarines were lost in WWII with 374 officers and 3131 men of the Submarine Force who gave their lives. Currently there have been seven of these “Lost 52” that have been found. Our team has discovered two of those submarines and we are engaging with several organizations who have also made discoveries. It is a fact that the public is always engaged more by projects that are structured with unique and specialized groups of dedicate explorers.