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"These guys can do what they set out to do, finding more of the "Lost 52" is just a matter of time "
-Robert England, Survivor Yeoman USS R-12 

Dedicated to preserving and telling the story of WWII Submarines and Submariners. Our Quest is to provide the fullest possible accounting of our missing WWII Navy Sailors for their families and the nation.
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Expedition R-12 "Discovering America's Forgotten Submarine
Bravo, Tim and the L52 team! This is not only deeply moving from a human standpoint, but also demonstrates the growing capability to discover what heretofore has been thought to be lost forever. Keep on keeping on! With admiration, love and thanks for all you are doing to make a difference.

Sylvia A. Earle
National Geographic Explorer in Residence
Founder, Deep Ocean Exploration and Research
Founder, Mission Blue
The Stern 80 Fly-Through had a profound impact on me, one exactly as intended by the Lost 52 project. Seeing the entire wreck in contrast to only a portion creates a real-world experience of what went on. When you see only a portion of a wreck the level of certainty is diminished. 

Bruce Abele - Son of Grunion Commander 
M.L Abele - Initially discovered Grunion 
with his Brothers John and Brad in 2006
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The Lost 52 Project is a long term exploration and underwater archeological project that is documenting and preserving the story of the Lost 52 WWII Submarines, leaving a foundation of knowledge for future generations. Building on our current discoveries, ocean exploration and underwater robotics expertise, our team is organizing, executing and managing expeditions with the goal to discover and survey as many of the lost 52 US WWII submarines as possible. 

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Our sincere thanks for all the interest and continued support of the "Lost 52 Project" and "Ocean Outreach". In consideration of family expectations and the sensitive and personal nature of the underwater final resting places we seek to discover and explore, we maintain a policy of not disclosing current ongoing expedition plans and only announce discoveries once expeditions are completed and data is verified. We understand that families are looking for closure and hopefully one day all our missing submariners and service men and women will be found.
We have lost a friend, advisor and pioneer in the world of underwater exploration. Don Walsh passed away peacefully at his home on Sunday November 12th, 2023, he was 92 years young. Having recently returned from a trip through the NW passage, he lived a life filled with adventure and exploration and will be greatly missed. Our deepest condolences to his beloved wife Joan and son Kelly. We thank him for his friendship and support.
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