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Expedition S-28 was launched in 2017 ,with sponsorship from STEP Ventures, to search for and document the USS S-28 (SS-133) S-class submarine, lost on July 4, 1944.

On September 20th, 2017, a team lead by noted award-winning explorer Tim Taylor discovered the remains of the WWII submarine lost in over 2600 meters (8500 feet) of water off the cost of Oahu, Hawaii.  

​Based on preliminary video and other documentation, the team currently speculates that the sub suffered a hull failure that resulted in the eventual separation of the bow, causing a near instant loss. She is the final resting place of 49 US sailors. 
HISAS Sonar Image S-28
Bathymetric Image of S-28 on slope
S-28 aft hatch
bow torpedo tubes- upside down
Deck Gun
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Sonar Image of USS S-28 stern and bow section 115 meters apart
USS S-28  -  "NOAA's top ten Iconic and mysterious shipwrecks of all time waiting to be discovered"  Outside Magazine 2017

Supported by STEP Ventures, LLC
USS S28 Expedition
USS S28 Memorial Service
USS S28 Photogrammetry
USS S28  Navy Verifies Discovery
USS S-28 (SS-133)
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