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Lost 52 Project
USS S-28 Discovered
USS S-28 Discovered off of Hawaii by Tim Taylor and Lost 52 Team.
Brazilian Navy League Honors Explorers
Explorer Finds Second Missing US WWII Submarine 
Press and Media 
News, information, media, and press on the Lost 52 Project
Brazilian Navy League Honors Explorers Tim Taylor and Christine Dennison with Medal of Honor
Marine Explorer Finds Second Missing US WWII Submarine Wreck
USS R-12 Discovered
USS R-12 Expedition Discovery of the Lost WWII Submarine off of Key West Florida.
Financial Times London
Tim Taylor and his Submarine expeditions featured in London Financial Times.
Submarine Documentary project discovery featured in Bloomberg.
USS Grunion Bow Discovered
Lost 52 Team has discovered the USS Grunions lost bow off of Alaska.
 Columbia University
Team Presents Extreme Engineering at Columbia University Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Supplied lecture series 
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