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Lost 52 Project
Honoring the men their memory and their mission...
July 2019: The U.S. Navy recently validated the identity of a submarine shipwreck that was discovered in 2017 after being missing for nearly 75 years. 
Lost 52 Project PRESS RELEASES
Official Press Releases from the Lost 52 Project Expeditions and discoveries...
USS S-28 Discovered
September 2017: Discovery of the USS S-28 off of Honolulu Hawaii in 8700m of water
USS S-26 Discovered
September 2014: Discovery of the USS S-26 in Pacific Panama
Press Releases
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USS R-12 Discovered
October 2010: Discovery of the USS R-12 in 600 feet of water off of Key West, Florida.
August 2019: USS Grunion Bow Discovered
August 2019: The bow of WWII Submarine USS Grunion (SS-216) has been discovered in 2700 feet of water off the Aleutian Islands, Alaska by a team pioneering robotic ocean exploration.